Imported to Napa ~ Round One

I have the privilege of living and working in the Napa Valley and in wine no less.  The company I work for is amazing and finally, I am the happiest I have ever been professionally.  Quintessential Wines is a family owned business, Importer/Distributor/Wholesaler with offices in New York and the main office located here in Napa.  Our sales team spans the entire United States but I have the honor of working with our team in CA covering our home state.  Our portfolio is diverse and yes I am biased but truly the wines are amazing.  We have approximately 250+ wines from 12 different countries as well as a few domestically produced labels.  Now with this diverse catalog of wines to choose from, my palate is always exposed to new wines and of the ones I have tasted so far, I already have a few favorites.  Although I am quite certain this list will change and grow.  I am sharing just a few of my favorite wines and since it is summer, these are more appropriate for the hot temperatures outside.   

To start things off, let’s have Rose’.  My favorite that I have tried so far is the 2012 Vallado Rosado from Portugal.  This wine is a classic example of my type of Rose’.  It has a nice minerality, is crisp and dry with a slight smokiness and hints of delicious red berries.  I shared this with my family on Mother’s Day and it was definitely enjoyed by all.   Being a post brunch treat and instantly created a handful of new fans, the bottle was empty quickly.  Spanish Table Wines features this as one of their favorites and I will be quite sad when Quintessential sells out this vintage.


Moving on to grapefruit in a glass and my favorite Sauvignon Blanc (thus far) the 2011 Terrapura Sauvignon Blanc is just that, crisp, fresh, tons of citrus and grapefruit on the nose, palate and finish and is just  a truly delightful wine.  I could drink this wine daily which is not a good idea for my waistline so it is one I don’t keep in the house but if I have a craving, I happen to know where I can pick one up …. such a treat!  It pairs nicely with salmon, pasta, salad or is perfect all by itself on a warm summer night.

Better Terrapura Sauv Blanc

Now, anyone that knows me knows I typically start with Bubbly but why do Bubbles have to be kept in any particular order.  So moving on to another yummy addition to the Quintessential Family; the Bianchi Extra Brut Sparkling from Argentina.  This is a sparkling wine that is golden in color with a steady consistent stream of bubbles that has a nose full of tropical fruit yet a nutty aroma.  The nuttiness is also picked up on the finish and lingers for some time.  It is a truly special find that I am lucky enough to have tried and shared with friends who loved it and are life long fans now.  And these are folks that drink mostly French Champagne so cheers to y’all and drink up!

Bianchi Extra Brut


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  1. Great post! I agree with your assessement. These are all great wines. I particularly like the Rose!

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