Gratitude Project – Day 1

Who needs to start a new resolution on New Year’s Day? I am one that doesn’t believe in resolutions anyway…. I prefer to focus on the positives and changes that need to be made everyday. So with that said, my birthday just passed and I am another year older…. hopefully a bit wiser too. But as always, I took stock of my life, myself, my qualtities, my tendencies and my choices and realized that I still have much more work to do.  So, now it begins; a gratitude project.  Focused on the blessings in my life, finding the good always in a world that doesn’t focus on the positives and taking a moment each day to say thank you for these blessings.  Picking one per day will be the goal…. and I am sure this will be a moving target :)

Today’s blessing is being alive and enjoying this gorgeous season of Fall.  It is truly my favorite time of year and perhaps that is because I am a November baby or because my first two children are also born in autumn… or maybe it is because it isn’t too hot or too cold yet.  Either way, I wake up each day and look out my backdoor and see a literal layer of leaves in my backyard and patio.  Now most would see that as a lot of work to clear it all but me, I see it as the changing of seasons and I love it!  Although I admit I am grateful to not have a lush lawn at the moment that requires raking or blowing on a daily basis.  And that is my gratitude for today.


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  1. I love how you look at the world. One of the best things about you Tristan. Keep reminding me. xo

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