52 Weeks ~ Project ~ Week 1

Week 1 ~ January 2, 2014 ~ 52 WeeksProject
Well, here goes. My weekly blog post for 2014. The theme is there is no theme. Whatever I feel like posting, whatever suits my current mood, it could be recipes, photos of things I see during my week, food that I try in the kitchen, family experiences, pay it forward experiences, positive quotes, daily inspiration, whatever floats my boat.

Today, week one is a look ahead.  During this first week of 2014, my focus is not on resolutions, but rather decisions, goals and priorities. To focus on balance and retaining the positive outlook that has gone missing at times.  My main goal is to focus on being healthy and changing habits that need to be improved upon or modified. This is not just physical in the foods I consume or the exercise I participate in daily but rather about the choices I make mentally and emotionally.  I will focus on the positives despite the negatives that can try to interfere with my mood and my day.  I know this will be an ongoing process but one step forward, two back and then five forward.  To help motivate this process, I am starting off the year by participating in a fast.  This is one that will involve giving up flour, sugar and alcohol.  I have done this before and fully expect to feel like a million dollars.

Now regarding the exercise portion, receiving my awesome new treadmill for Christmas, daily exercise will no longer be an item I don’t accomplish on my daily checklist. So goal one is to spend at least an hour a day on the treadmill while reading and starting January 1st, I will be doing a cleansing fast.  This will be removing all flour/sugar and alcohol from my daily diet.  I have done this before and once I get past the first 10 days, it is awesome.  I feel amazing and sleep better, feel better and move better than any other time.  So this is my 2014 journey, moving forward, positively, focused on the good in life, removing the negative one piece at a time…. day one, health and positive focus.

Week one, gorgeous California weather, time with my favorite 12 year old and taking each moment in with a smile will be the focus this week.  Time to reflect and look ahead.  Here’s to an amazing year of lessons, gifts, memories, tests, and love along the way!  Hope your year ahead is all you make it as well!

3 Responses to “52 Weeks ~ Project ~ Week 1”

  1. A very great Positive start to the new Year. Hope to be encouraging you on the journey. xoxo

  2. Very nicely done. Remember that there is no light without the darkness. The key to remember is that it only takes one candle to illuminate the darkness.

  3. Tristan, well written and much success – I know you can do it hands down….definitely an inspiration :)

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